enigmatic adolescents

Conundrums of an Ambiguous Drama Queen

Month: June, 2014


We are not unique or different. Various things might pique our interests but in the end we’re on a quest of being different which makes us similar.
We may not want to believe it but we’re all tiny pieces walking around in this world looking for love and money. We live in a perpetual state of denial and keep telling ourselves, “I’m unique, there’s no one else like me.”
We deny that we’re all a little broken, we all hide those shattered parts of us yet go around fixing each other.
We deny that some things cannot be explained and we don’t accept the mysterious nature of our purpose in life.
We deny that everyone will grow old and die one day… We try to delay the inevitable with all our will.
We deny that forevers are not actually meant to last forever because someday, the person you loved deeply will be gone.


Four Letters

Past; a four letter word that follows everyone and puts its dark cloak around us every chance it gets.
Love; a four letter word that everyone is afraid to ask for.
Care; a four letter word that everyone seems to hide when they need to show it (the most).
Pain; a four letter word that everyone undergoes, it’s inevitable.
Time; a four letter word that is just an abstract idea.
Fine; a four letter word often used to lie to others (more often to ourselves).
Sane; a four letter word that doesn’t make sense. (who made the criteria for sanity, anyway?)
Fate; a four letter word on which we blame all that hasn’t gone our way.
Fear; a four letter word that leaves us despair but keeps us aware of what is happening around.
Hope; a four letter word that guides us through the abyss.
Evil; a four letter word that resides within us.
…and Life; a four letter word can’t we simply can’t fathom in the little time we have here.


How does this mind work? How can one repeatedly think about the tiniest inicident that happened ages ago? How can this mind retain these thoughts and play them over and over again? How can one little decision change everything?
Life is a question and the answer is in living. Not every question is answered and every answered one leads to more questions.
The past lurks around the corner to pin you down in the dead of night when you run out of things to keep yourself numb.
We’re all hurt, rebelling without question and struggling. We’re all a part of the labyrinth of unanswered questions and pain.
We’re perpetually sad and happiness is temporary, the day we learn this fact our lives would be easier. Maybe simplicity isn’t what we can make happen, complications are what we’re destined to create.
We all fall deeper in a chasm of endless abysmal.


Thoughts are dangerous.
A story teller starts walking down a road and looses his path many times. He doesn’t find his way back and follows a different route that lures him.
His mind is working too fast and he can’t express himself the way he wanted to. He starts a story but never ends it.
He gets diverted whenever he finds a path that intrigues him, leaving an incomplete fatuous journey. He doesn’t realise it yet, he will later. He would regret not consummating his journey and blame it on his thoughts that were scattered; the thoughts that pulled him towards a new path.

He sits and worries that his thoughts will always remain fascinated by different paths at the same time. He is impatient yet hopes he finds the right way for him, until then… he keeps on moving, searching and wandering.

He is a nomad with scattered thoughts.