by enigmatic adolescents

Thoughts are dangerous.
A story teller starts walking down a road and looses his path many times. He doesn’t find his way back and follows a different route that lures him.
His mind is working too fast and he can’t express himself the way he wanted to. He starts a story but never ends it.
He gets diverted whenever he finds a path that intrigues him, leaving an incomplete fatuous journey. He doesn’t realise it yet, he will later. He would regret not consummating his journey and blame it on his thoughts that were scattered; the thoughts that pulled him towards a new path.

He sits and worries that his thoughts will always remain fascinated by different paths at the same time. He is impatient yet hopes he finds the right way for him, until then… he keeps on moving, searching and wandering.

He is a nomad with scattered thoughts.