Power Cuts

There has been no electricity since the moon rose high.
We lay on the terrace, the cool breeze kissing my cheek.
It’s hard to sleep when behind you is an open door leading to nothing but darkness.
I take a deep breath and listen.
I can hear the loud whistle of the train. I can hear the rumbling noise of thunder. I can hear the wind, dancing.
I see my rabbit run around, I see him getting scared.
I look at the orange horizon and the sky going darker right above me.
I watch airplane lights in the sky moving at an unbelievable speed.
I close my eyes and hear my parents breathing heavily as they sleep in this pleasant night.
But I can’t seem to keep my eyes closed, I imagine apocalypse.
Power cuts and the-world-is-ending thoughts at 3 am… Hoping the sun would rise soon.