Voices and Hallucinations.

by enigmatic adolescents

“These voices are creeping me out.” She texted him.
“It must be your parents, don’t freak out.” He tried to calm her down.
She knew what she was hearing, it was not her parents, it couldn’t be. They had slept hours ago. It could be the neighbors but it was 2am and it was dead silent, execpt some noises she could hear. She suspected someone was talking about her, talking about waking her up. She could hear hurried footsteps up and down the small winding staircase leading to the terrace close to her room.
“I’m not kidding. Someone’s here.” She wanted him to believer her, but all he could think was that she was just imagining it.
“I have to sleep now. You’ll be fine, just try to sleep, okay?” He left.
“Don’t you dare leave.
Come back.
You can’t leave like this.” No response.
She finally decided to get up but couldn’t gather the will to actually walk up to the door and open it. She had spent many a night, holding her pee because she was too scared to walk to the bathroom in the dark. This wasn’t an irrational fear, she was sure she had seen people in her house before. She often wondered why this only happened when the sky was pitch black, this thought sent shivers up her spine and made her feel cold. She had never felt this unsafe before.
She finally got up, her hands trembled as she put her hands around the door knob. The door creaked open and she looked around, she could see a lady… An old lady. Her face looked vaguely familiar. She could hear every contraction of her heart and every gush of air she let out through her nose. It was was just her grandmother.
She let out a sigh of relief.
“Dadi,” she called out.
“You scared me. What are you doing up so late? Go back to sleep.”
“I couldn’t sleep because I knew you couldn’t either.”
They smiled at each other, this had happened before too. They simply looked at each other for a while.
She felt this sudden urge to cry and with ease, tears started to roll down her cheeks. Her grandmother hugged her and caressed her head, she soon fell into a peaceful trance.
Next morning, she woke up in her bed, with dried up tears on her cheeks and smiling, but it quickly turned upside down.
“I wasn’t dreaming.”
“But my grandmother’s dead.”