Pop Song.

by enigmatic adolescents

She leaned against the wall of her room, her head slowly moving from left to right to an old Beatles’ tune. She bit her upper lip and her hair covered her face, she didn’t bother tucking it back behind her ears like she usually does. He sat at the edge of her tiny bed and stared at her, in awe and bewliderment. Everyone thought they were crazy, people had seen them scream at each other in public and minutes later, kissing like it was the end of the world. They had this deranged and consuming love, which both of them loved as much as they hated it. He knew everything there was to know about her and she knew everything that he wanted to tell. Silence was astonishingly comfortable, they preferred it to talking. She often said, there’s nothing that a warm hug can’t fix. Our bodies can communicate with each other without having to use words.
Her eyes were closed as she slowly moved to the melody, she completely strayed from reality. She wasn’t thinking anything, only feeling… feeling strangely content.
He stared at her, thinking of the first time he heard this song at a party in his best friend’s basement. He saw her the first time that day, dancing exactly like she was right now. She was wearing high waisted dark denim jeans and a Rolling Stones’ tee shirt, which looked like it had been cut short deliberately. Then too, he was amazed by simply looking at her. He could see it all play in his mind, how he went and stood next to her and started to dance. Unlike most, she didn’t think he was a creep for coming up to her. They didn’t talk… just danced, danced and danced. There was no need to be somewhere else or with someone else. In that moment, they felt like they had just finished a warm bowl of soup on a cold winter night.
He felt as if he was in both moments simultaneously.
The same song played in the background, he felt the same but he was in two different moments all together.
He wondered how one little pop song could hold so many powerful feelings.

-Thanks to the movie, Before Sunset for inspiring this.