Lonely Nights

by enigmatic adolescents

I stayed up all night, thinking of you and missing you. You didn’t give me enough time to love you the way I could. Now, I just miss you endlessly. 

I opened my mail, searching for those messages I backed up for days like these. I had never needed to revisit those wonderful memories. 

But, tonight, I cannot help but crave that time that we had together. I read those loving words that came so easily and how, in less than a year, they had been replaced by constant (and really stupid) bickering. 

I tried not to cry, but one can only bottle it up for so long. Then, I let it all out. All the sadness and the pain of the bittersweet journey. 

Now, i’m done crying over you. I’ve used up each and every drop of tear that was assigned to you. And this is the first night that I only seem to recall and retain the good parts. I’ll now remember you just as a great affair and a dear friend. 

And this is the beginning of my new life. Because when I thought of you, I said to myself, “I loved you so much.” It came as a shock to me too.  

I loved you. Loved. 

-To anyone out there struggling to move on, look inside yourself. You have immense strength. You will get through this. You will be okay. And love will find you.